Phrasal verbs are a combination of two or more words that form to give a meaning other than its original meaning. It is usually a combination of a verb + preposition.
What are prepositions?
Prepositions are words that are used to link nouns, pronouns, phrases. It generally shows location, direction or time. Examples - in, of, down, from, over, above, under, etc.
Verb + Preposition = Phrasal Verbs
"Break" is a verb. When the preposition "in" is suffixed, "break in" is formed, with a new meaning.
The "break" means to make something into halves/pieces. "Break in" means to enter a building forcibly.
Some verb-preposition combinations that can be used as phrasal verbs, with meanings:
Verb + Preposition
Fall behindfail to keep up the pace
Blow upexplode
Cry outprotest
Cut downreduce
Back upsupport
Thrown out
Noun Phrases are a combination of more than one adjective with a noun. In some cases, we also use 3-4 adjectives for a single noun.
Adjectives + Noun = Noun Phrases
Adjectives are words that describe a quality, quantity or any attribute of the subject (noun) in a sentence. Nouns are subjects in the sentence.
  • There are six dresses in the box.
  • There are beautiful dresses in the box.
The noun in the above sentences are "dresses". The attributes that describe the noun is called "adjective" - six, beautiful.
More than one adjective can be combined, to express a noun. It may be noted that there is no particular order in which the adjectives are to be arranged. It is arranged in the order that suits the situation the most. Since there is no rigid order, we can use the following structure:
Determiner + Modifying adjective 1 + Modifying adjective 2 + Modifying adjective 3 + Noun
where each adjective can represent size/colour/quality/quantity/material etc. of the noun
  1. Small black tin box. Adjectives are  small, black, tin; Noun is box.
  2. Lovely warm Sunday morning. Adjectives are lovely, warm, Sunday; Noun is morning.
  3. Beautiful fluffy white clouds. Adjectives are beautiful, fluffy, white; Noun is clouds.
The emphasized words are the adjectives used to describe the nouns.