The Great Stone Face, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is an interesting, fanciful short story. It is woven around the character named Ernest. Ernest, inspired by the legend narrated by his mother on The Great Stone Face, awaits its arrival from his childhood days.
boy alone draft.jpg
A little boy waiting
The legend is, a Child will be born resembling this image, exhibiting noble qualities. Such a divine kid would be the greatest person of his age. He spent hours gazing at the Great Stone Face every day, once his routine work gets completed. When there is a rumour on the arrival of such a person resembling a great stone face, his inner voice dismissed it with a reason, that it is not so. It is because he couldn’t relate that person (Mr. Gathergold) to the Great Stone Face.
richman draft.jpg
The Rich Man
The rumour did not last long, but when Gathergold died in poverty, people refused to accept him to be the human Great Stone Face. Ernest still awaited its arrival. Again a day came, when a chief Commander who is the citizen of the Valley, returned, to live his final days in his native. People again portrayed him to be the human Great Stone Face.
commander draft.jpg
The Commander
Again, Ernest dismissed the claim with the reason he does not resemble its appearance. His quest to see The Great Stone Face's human figure never ended till the end, but continued.