Movement directly in front of him startled him so that he tumbled backward. The fawn lifted its face to his. It turned its head with a wide, wondering motion and shook him through with the stare of its liquid eyes. It was quivering. It made no effort to rise or run. Jody could not trust himself to move.
     He whispered, “It’s me.”
     The fawn lifted its nose, scenting him. He reached out one hand and laid it on the soft neck. The touch made him delirious. He moved forward on all fours until he was close beside it. He put his arms around its body. A light convulsion passed over it but it did not stir.
Jody was shocked to see movement in front of him and fell to the ground. He was terrified because a snake or even a big cat whose footprint he had seen might be present. But none of those were there, and instead he noticed the fawn. He found it at long last. The mental battle of the day was over. When he saw the fawn, he was excited.
Jody found the Fawn.jpg
Jody found the Fawn
The fawn raised his face in a wide, curious move to look at Jody and looked at him with his liquid eyes, leaving Jody shaken. It shook slightly but did not attempt to run. Jody remained still, whispering to the fawn that it was him. The fawn sniffed him with its snout raised. Jody stretched out and placed his palm on the soft neck of the fawn. Jody was delighted by touching the fawn and went forward in an attempt to get closer to it (the fawn). He then wrapped his arms around the fawn, causing it to shiver slightly but not move, indicating that the fawn was not scared but rather comfortable.
This is Jody's fawn.jpg
This is Jody's fawn
Meaning of difficult words:
StartledSlightly shocked or surprised
QuiverTo make a slight movement 
DeliriousA happy or exciting state
Convulsion A sudden uncontrolled shaking movement of the body
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