"This is Jody's fawn" is an excerpt from Marjorie Kinnan Rawling's popular novel "The Yearling." It was first published in \(1938\), and over \(250,000\) copies were sold in the United States.
The lesson is about Jody, a small boy with sympathetic feelings. Jody has a kind and compassionate nature that has enabled him to outsmart boys his age. When Jody's father was bitten by a rattlesnake, he slaughtered a doe to obtain its liver, which he used as a home remedy for his father. He acted appropriately, like a responsible son. Nonetheless, he felt guilty about abandoning the doe's kid in the forest. He believed it would be ungrateful to abandon the fawn, which was hungry and alone.
Characters in the story "This is Jody's fawn":
  • Jody is the protagonist of the story, "This is Jody's fawn", on whom the story is woven around.
  • Penny Baxter, Jody's father, is a wonderful parent who admires his son's efforts and kindness.
  • Ora Baxter, Jody's mother, is a caring and understanding woman who loves and cares for her son and allows him to do what he wants when the situation calls for it.
  • Dr. Wilson is the physician who treats Jody's father.
  • Mr. Mill-wheel, a family friend, did everything he could to assist Jody in finding the fawn. The significance of gratitude and of Jody's compassion are emphasised by all of the characters in the narrative.