"Children at Work" is a unique combination of fiction and fact. It is an extract taken from the novel "Trash — On Ragpicker Children and Recycling".
"Children at Work" is a sensible story that focuses on the real-life experiences of street children in Chennai. It tells the story of an eleven-year-old boy Velu. Velu is the central character of the story. Velu runs away from his home because of his father's torture, and he meets a bold little girl called Jaya at the Chennai Central railway station. This story deals with the lives of two children and speaks about child labour, lack of education, and the life of ragpickers.
The major characters of the story are,
  • Velu
  • Jaya
The minor characters of the story are,
  • Velu's father
  • Jam Bazaar Jaggu
  • Bride- Vinayagan
  • Groom- Rani
  • Velu sisters
  • Porter
  • A group of men
  • Two goats