“Aiy! What, new to town eh?” called out a rough voice.
     Velu opened his eyes. There were a lot of people standing around, but nobody was looking at him.

     “Here! Aiy!”

     He turned around. Behind him was a girl around his own age, wearing a long banian that came down to her knees. Her hair was stiff and brownish and she had a huge sack on one shoulder. She was picking up dirty plastic cups from the floor and stuffing them into her sack. Why is she calling me, thought Velu. And why is a girl wearing a banian?
Velu heard a rough voice near him. He opened his eyes to see who was calling him. There were a lot of people standing near him, but no one was looking at him. Velu was confused and wondering who was calling. The voice questioned him, “Aiy! What, new to town, eh?” Again he heard the same sound. He turned around and looked all over the place. He saw a girl standing behind him.

The girl was wearing a long banian which came down to her knees. Her hair looked very rough, street and brownish. It probably signifies the appearance of street children. The girl was carrying a big bag on her shoulder. She took the plastic cups from the platform and stuffed them inside her sack. The girl was eleven-year-old like that of Velu.

A girl wearing a long banian

After seeing the girl and her bag, Velu had a lot of questions running in his mind. He wondered why she was calling him without knowing him, why she was wearing a man's banian and why she was stuffing the plastic cups in her bag.
Meanings of the difficult words:
BanianA loose flannel undergarment worn in India
StiffNot easily bent or changed in shape; rigid
SackA large bag made of a strong material such as thick paper, or plastic, used for storing and carrying goods
StuffingMaking something fitted into a bag
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