The lesson "Jalebis" is written by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi in Urdu and was translated into English by Sufiya Pathan. The story opens with a boy named Munna who was studying in a government school in Campbellpur. One day he went to school carrying four rupees in his pocket to pay the school fees. While the boy arrived at school, he found that his master Ghulam Mohammed was on leave. And so the amount of the fees would be collected the next day. Later, when he came out of the school, the coins in his pocket started to speak. They began to persuade him to purchase the crispy jalebis from the sweet shop. At first, the boy hesitated to buy the jalebis by thinking about his reputation and the master's punishment. Later, the coins told the boy to purchase jalebis with the fees and then pay the fees with the scholarship money. Due to the continuous temptation, the boy couldn't control himself and ran to the bazaar. He asked the jalebiwala to give one rupee worth of jalebis. After eating, he thought of giving the remaining jalebis to the neighbourhood children. While he was distributing, the jalebis were over, and so he bought jalebis for the remaining coins and gave them to the poor and needy children. The next day, the boy went to school, and from there, he came to know that the scholarship would be given in the following month. Later his master announced that he would collect the money during the interval. After hearing that, the boy grabbed his school bag and went out of the school. Finally, he reached the railway station, sat under a tree, and prayed to God to help him. He asked God to send him four rupees. But all his plans were shattered. Allah Miyan did not show mercy on him. Before the boy went home, his absence from school and sitting under the tree near the railway station had reached his home. Finally, he took several years to realise that if God gives what one wants, people would not have learned the art of jalebi making.