The result was that all night I lay, coiled up like a jalebi, suffering a stomach ache. Thank God I didn’t have to eat all four rupees worth of jalebis by myself. Otherwise, as they say, when children speak, flowers shower from their mouths but I would be the first child in the world with whose every word a crisp, fried jalebi would come out.
     Chidren don’t have stomachs, they have digestion machines. My machine too kept working right through the night. In the morning, just like any other day, I washed my face and like a virtuous student, with chalk and slate in hand, I headed for school. I knew I would get the previous month’s scholarship that day and once I’d paid the fees with that amount, the jalebis would be completely digested. But when I got to school, I found out that the scholarship was going to be paid the following month. My head started to spin. I felt as if I was standing on my head and could not get on to my feet again even if I tried. Master Ghulam Mohammed announced that the fees would be taken during the recess. When the recess bell rang, I tucked my bag under my arm and left the school and simply followed my nose, walking on and on... If no mountain or ocean blocked my path, I would have kept going till the earth ended and the sky began, and once I got there, I would say to Allah miyan. “Just this once save me. Order a farishta to pass by and drop just four rupees in my pocket. I promise I will use them only to pay my fees and not to eat jalebis.”
     I couldn’t reach the point where the earth ended, but definitely reached the point where the Kambelpur railway station began. The elders had warned me never to cross the railway tracks. Fine. The elders had also warned me that one must never eat sweets with one’s fees money. How did this instruction escape my mind that day? I don’t know.
As a result of overeating jalebis, the boy had a stomach ache. Due to stomach pain, the boy couldn't sleep properly. So he spent the whole night curled up like a jalebi. The boy laid in the shape of a jalebi on his bed, which was referred to as "coiled up." Later, he felt, "Thank God", because he did not eat the four rupees worth of jalebis alone. The boy then remarked that people would usually say that flowers would drop from the children's mouths when they speak. It refers to children's immature speech. On the other hand, the boy claimed that if he ate the four rupees worth of jalebis instead of flowers, the crispy pieces of jalebis would come out with each word. He went on to say that he would be the first boy in the world to say a single word that would cause crispy jalebis to fall from his mouth.
The boy had a stomach ache

Later the boy said that children were not born with stomachs; instead, they were born with digestive machines. The statement denotes that children would not usually sit in one place; instead, they would move around and run away. In such a situation, their bodies were constantly active. As a result, whenever they ate too much food, it was entirely digested. In addition, he stated that his digestive system continued to function throughout the night. It indicates that he was fine in the next morning. Later, when he woke up, like every day, he cleaned his face. Then he went to the school carrying chalk and slate in hand like an obedient student.

While he was walking to school, he hoped that he would receive the scholarship money on that day. He also believed that after he paid the school fees, his jalebis will be entirely digested. It suggests that he had purchased the jalebis with the fees, and when he remit the school fees with the scholarship amount, he would be free of worry. However, when the boy arrived at school, he learned that he would receive the scholarship money the next month. His head began to spin when he learned about it. The boy later felt like he was standing on his head and couldn't get back on his feet no matter how hard he tried. It means that he couldn't manage the situation any longer. Whatever he had desired had finally failed.

While the boy was in shock, master Ghulam Mohammed informed the students that the fees would be collected during the interval or break time. When the interval bell rang, the boy placed his school bag under his arms and walked out. He then simply moved forward, following his nose. It implies that he didn't know where he was going. As a result, he merely bowed and walked in the direction. While walking, the boy thought that if no mountain or ocean stopped his way, he would have reached the end of the earth. It indicates that the boy wished to escape from the situation. He also believed that when the world end, the sky began and that when he arrived there, he would meet the Almighty.

After meeting the almighty, the boy thought he would say to Allah miyan to save him for this time. He also planned to pray to God to command the Angel to place the four coins in his pocket. These were the things the boy prayed to God because he thought that the almighty would come and save him. Furthermore, he said that if the Angel indeed dropped the coins in his pocket, he would use it only to pay fees and not spend it on eating jalebis. The statement was made because the boy understood that if he went to school without the money, his master would interrogate him, his parents would learn about it, and his dignity would be shattered. After thinking about it in mind, he asked God to help him.

The boy dreamt of reaching the end of the earth and meeting God, but he could not do it. On the other hand, the boy arrived at the Kambelpur railway station. While seeing the railway station, the boy remembered that his elders (it might be someone from his family) had warned him not to cross the railway tracks. The reason behind the statement was that it was not safe to cross the railway track without anyone's company. Also, he recalled that his elders had warned him not to use the fees money to eat jalebis. The boy wondered how the elders' instructions had escaped his mind, but he couldn't find any convincing answer.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Shower A lot of small objects or drops of liquid coming through the air
Virtuous Having or showing high moral standards
HeadGoing in a particular direction
RecessA break from doing something or a short interval
Tuck To put something into a safe or convenient place
Farishta An angel
National Council of Educational Research and Training (2008). It so happened. Jalebis- Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi (pp. 62-72). Published at the Publication Division by the Secretary, National Council of Educational Research and Training, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.