The little bird gave her a bow. “Would you care to have me in place of your parrot?” said the little bird. “It’s true that I’m not so pretty to look at, but on the other hand I have a much better voice.” Princess September clapped her hands with delight and then the little bird hopped on to the end of her bed and sang her to sleep.
     When she awoke next day the little bird was still there, and as she opened her eyes he said, “Good morning!” The Maids of Honour brought in her breakfast, and he ate rice out of her hand and he had his bath in her saucer. He began to sing again so beautifully that the Maids of Honour were quite surprised, for they had never heard anything like it, and Princess September was very proud and happy.
     “Now I want to show you to my eight sisters,” said the Princess.
The small bird greeted the Princess with a courteous bow. Then, he abruptly declared his wish to replace the deceased parrot as her pet. He went on to say that while he is not particularly attractive, he does have a lot better voice.
Princess September was overjoyed at the bird's suggestion. She enthusiastically clapped her hands. Later, the bird climbed into her bed and sung her to sleep.
When the Princess woke up the following day, the bird was still in her room. She opened her eyes and immediately greeted the bird with a good morning. She fed him rice out of her hands and let him bathe in her saucer while her Maids of Honour served her breakfast.
The songbird then performed an excellent song to demonstrate his vocal abilities.  The Maids of Honour were raptly listening to the tune. They further said that they had never heard a finer piece. Princess September was thrilled about herself after hearing this statement.
The Princess then announced that it was time to present the bird to her eight sisters.
Meanings of difficult words from the paragraphs:
SaucerA plate placed under a cup
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