“Dr. Forsyth, my apologies for this imposition on your time!” Sir John advanced with outstretched hands. “To avoid any further delay, I will come to the point right away.” Sir John handed him a typescript.
     “Why! It is my paper to Nature. How did you get this original manuscript?” James was surprised and somewhat uneasy.
     Sir John saw his anxiety and continued, “Taylor, the editor of Nature is a friend of mine.”
     “I had asked Nature to publish it without delay since it is very important,” James looked puzzled.
     “I agree that it is important. So important in fact that it must never be published — that is, if what you say is correct.” Sir John lit his pipe.
Sir John began to talk to James by apologising for grabbing his time before informing him of the purpose of their meeting. In addition, he gave James a typescript. James was taken aback when he saw the paper since it was his own. It was the original piece he had written and given to the publication 'Nature.' He was taken aback for a while, unsure how he had gotten the article from the 'Nature' journal.
Sir John noticed his concern and resumed his speech by explaining how he obtained that typescript from the editor of 'Nature,' informing him that he was a friend of Mr. Taylor ('Editor of Nature'). James was perplexed since he had previously told the editor that the news he had indicated in the typescript should be published without any delay because it was significant.
Sir John agreed because he recognised the significance of the information in James' article, but it could not be published for the same reason. Despite the fact that his work was significant, James couldn't understand why it hadn't been accepted. Sir John understood the cause of James' perplexity. He then lit his pipe and informed James that, while he agreed that the information in the article was essential, it couldn't be published for the same reason. The sentences above imply that James' article must be sensational, which causes John to refuse to have it published.
Meaning of difficult words:
A statement that expresses your feeling of sorry for something
An unfair thing that you are forced to accept at
A typed document
Stretched to an extent as far as possible
Confused when you do not understand something
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