To his surprise Indrani Debi agreed. “I wish the same, though not for the same reason”.
     “May I ask why you wish I had not discovered this comet?”Duttada asked.
     “Comets bring ill-luck and I wish a good man like you were not associated with the discovery of one,” Indrani Debi said with concern.
     Duttada laughed. “I see that even an MA degree has not cured you of your superstitions! There is no corelation whatsoever with the arrival of a comet and the calamities of the earth. On the contrary comets have been scientifically studied and their composition is well understood. There is nothing harmful about them. Well, you will soon see this comet of mine pass harmlessly by causing no anxiety to anybody.”
     In this last comment, however, Duttada was not going to be exactly right.
As Duttada muttered about being invited to a slew of parties and receptions, he was interrupted by another voice. Duttada's wife was the one who spoke up. Surprisingly, she too agreed with him, but for a different reason. He was surprised by her response and asked her to explain why she hoped he hadn't found the comet.
When Duttada's sweetest, loving wife heard this, she said that she believed comets brought ill-luck home and that a respectable man like her better half should not be associated with such discoveries. Duttada couldn't stop laughing after listening to his wife because his wife was a well-educated woman with an MA degree. Despite her excellent education, she remained superstitious, which made him laugh. Scientific discoveries have made our lives simpler and have provided answers to a variety of problems. Nonetheless, some people hold beliefs that are illogical. Duttada attempted to explain that there was no such thing as a comet posing a threat to our planet. In reality, scientists have thoroughly examined their characteristics. There was nothing to be afraid of with them. There is nothing to get scared of these comets.
When discussing the aforementioned points, Duttada convinced his wife that his discovery, 'Comet Dutta' would also pass by without harming anyone on Earth like other comets. The author here offers the readers a hint that Comet Dutta would not be the same as what Duttada anticipated. This is because the author tells the readers that Comet Dutta would pose a problem.
National Council of Educational Research and Training (2008). The Comet I - Jayant Narlikar (pp. 73-80). Published at the Publication Division by the Secretary, National Council of Educational Research and Training, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.