"The comet I," a science fiction short story by Jayant Narlikar, is about a newly discovered comet and its predicted effects. The new comet was discovered by an amateur scientist named Manoj Dutta. Manoj Dutta's wife, a superstitious person, believed it would bring ill-luck. While the discovery of Comet Dutta appeared to many to be no different than the previously discovered comets, only a few people saw the difference and the dangers that came with it. While the comet was scientifically proven to pose a threat to Earth, the story conveys a message that not all discoveries are harmless.
Major characters in "The comet I":
Manoj Dutta: An amateur astronomer
Indrani Debi: Manoj Dutta's wife
Sir John Macpherson: The British Government's Defence Science Advisor
Sir James Forsyth: A British scientist who predicted the Comet Dutta's threat to Earth
Mr. Johnson: Security officer at Whitehall, London
Mr. Taylor: Editor of 'Nature (Journal)'