Even in the water the fight continued as, spluttering and covered with mud, they groped for each other’s head and throat. But after five minutes of frenzied, unscientific struggle, neither boy had emerged victorious. Their bodies heaving with exhaustion, they stood back from each other, making tremendous efforts to speak.
    “Now — now do you realise — I am a Warrior?” gasped the stranger.

    “Do you know I am a Fighter?” said Ranji with difficulty.

    They gave a moment’s consideration to each other’s answers and, in that moment of silence, there was only their heavy breathing and the rapid beating of their hearts.

    “Then you will not leave the pool?” said the warrior.

    “I will not leave it,” said Ranji.

    “Then we shall have to continue the fight,” said the other.

    “All right,” said Ranji.

    But neither boy moved, neither took the initiative.
    The warrior had an inspiration.

    “We will continue the fight tomorrow,” he said. “If you dare to come here again tomorrow, we will continue this fight, and I will not show you mercy as I have done today.”

    “I will come tomorrow,” said Ranji. “I will be ready for you.”

    They turned from each other then and, going to their respective rocks, put on their clothes, and left the forest by different routes.
After rolling into the water, Ranji and the Warrior continued to fight by throwing mud at each other, and as a result, they were completely covered in dirt. Later, with their hands, they blindly searched for each other's throat and head. It means that they were aiming for each other's throat and head while fighting in order to suffocate them. After five minutes of uncontrollable and illogical wrestling, none of them had won the fight. As a result of the fight, they began to breathe heavily and became exhausted. Later they took their hands off each other and made an effort to talk. They could not communicate with one another due to their frequent battle and difficulty in breathing.

While the Warrior and Ranji were relaxing after their fight, he asked whether Ranji would agree with him as the Warrior. Ranji, on the other hand, did not react to the boy's question. With difficulty, Ranji also questioned the youngster if he had made it very clear that he was a Fighter. From the above statements, one can easily understand that both did not stop their fight even after struggling a lot. All they wanted was they should win the fight. But neither of them was willing to agree with their argument or admit their failure.

Later Ranji and the Warrior took some time to consider each other's responses. Only their heavy breathing and rapid heartbeats could be heard during the time of silence. They sat silently for a while, and they could hear the rhythm of their heartbeats and the sound of heavy breathing at that time.

Then, Ranji agreed that they could continue the fight. However, both of them did not take the initial steps to begin the fight. It implies that both were already tired and didn't have enough energy to continue the fight. After a while, the Warrior asked Ranji whether he would not leave the pool. On the other hand, Ranji responded that he would not leave the pool. The reason behind Ranji's statement was that if he left the pool, the boy would consider that Ranji had failed in the fight. So he disagreed with the boy's statement. After hearing Ranji's response, the boy stated that he would continue the fight if he failed to leave the pool.

At that time, the Warrior got an idea. He said that they should postpone their fight for the next day. In addition, the Warrior stated that if Ranji returned to the same spot, they would battle again. Furthermore, the youngster cautioned him that he would not treat him with the same tenderness or leniency that he did on that specific day. It implies that he would hurt him as much as he could. Ranji later responded that he would come to fight with him the next day. Later, in anger, both of them turned aside and made their way to the rocks to wear their clothes. Finally, they both exited the jungle and walked in opposite directions. It implies both of them went to their dwelling place. At last, the fight ends in a draw. It implies that both of them had equally won the fight.
Meanings of the difficult words:
SplutterTo produce short, unclear noises from your mouth, especially because you cannot breathe properly
GropeSearch blindly or uncertainly by feeling with the hands
FrenzyWildly excited or uncontrolled
VictoriousHaving won a victory; triumphant
InspirationThe process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative
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