The story "The Fight" is written by Ruskin Bond. The story is about a fight between two boys named Ranji and Suraj. Ranji had recently moved to Rajpur with his family. One summer day, he encountered a pool in the forest. Then Ranji jumped into the pool and enjoyed swimming in the cool, clear water. The next day Ranji revisited the pool to enjoy swimming. Later, while resting on a rock, he saw an older and well-built boy (named Suraj) glaring at him. Ranji invited Suraj to join him. But Suraj, who identified himself as the Warrior, refused and told Ranji that the pool belonged to him. Ranji responded by claiming that he was a Fighter. The exchange of words resulted in an argument and eventually led to a fight. After five minutes of furious fighting, both stood exhausted and agreed to continue the fight the next day. In the evening, Ranji went to the bazaar and saw Suraj. Neither of them spoke to the other. The next day, Suraj challenged Ranji to swim the length of the pool. Ranji accepted the challenge and dived straight into the water. Suraj was impressed to see Ranji diving well and asked Ranji to teach him how to dive. They made a deal, Ranji would teach Suraj how to dive, and in return, Suraj had agreed to make Ranji a Wrestler. Finally, Ranji and Suraj became friends.