Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant" is about a giant who lived his life selfishly without thinking about others. He lived such a selfish life without realising his mistake. He had a beautiful garden and did not allow children to play in it. It was this selfish attitude of him that made the winter occupy his garden for many months. Spring and autumn never entered his garden. As there was no spring and autumn in the garden, flowers didn't blossom and fruits didn't grow. Birds never entered to sing in his garden around. The garden had lost its beauty and richness.

Winter, along with snow, frost, north wind, occupied the giant's garden for a very long time. The giant was confused about why the spring and autumn had left his garden alone despite occupying the whole country. His confusion was clear one day.

One morning, he noticed spring to be back in his garden, and children were playing there secretly, but it (spring) went behind the children when they ran away after seeing the giant. Winter began to occupy the garden once again due to the children's absence. The reason was obvious for the giant as to why spring and autumn had avoided his garden.

Having realised his mistake, the giant changed his mind. He decided to let the children play inside his garden and broke the garden's wall. He also helped a little kid who tried to climb up the tree, which made him hug and kiss the giant. The giant was highly attracted toward the little boy but never had a chance to meet the little boy again. But, the giant's heart always wished to meet the little boy.

As years passed, the giant turned old and weak and couldn't play with the kids but admired his garden by sitting in an armchair. Yet, his wish to see and play with that little boy persisted in his mind. It came true one winter morning, as he had seen the same little kid under a golden tree filled with silver fruits on it. The giant rushed to see the little kid and wanted to be with him. But, on getting closer to him, he found nail marks on his little hands and feet. When the giant asked him who had wounded him for killing them, the little boy replied it was the wounds of love.

The little boy was none but Jesus Christ himself, who saved him from his sin of selfishness and made him realise the importance of selfless love. As he allowed the little boy inside his garden and served the kids all those years, God took him to his garden of Paradise.