Bela Raja: When you were in school and you were doing badly, did the teachers pull you up and how did you feel?

Hafeez Contractor: I never felt anything on being pulled up. I used to be so interested in playing. I would receive a caning every week.

Bela Raja: When you knew that you had incurred the wrath of your teacher by not doing your homework or by behaving badly, when you knew you would get a caning, what was the state of your mind?

Hafeez Contractor: State of mind? Just lift up the hand and they would cane you. It would hurt badly and then I would have to forget about it, because I would want to go and play.
Ms Bela later asked Hafeez if he had ever received punishment from his teachers at school for poor academic performance and not obeying teachers. She also inquired about his state of mind and how he felt when his teacher punished him. When Hafeez heard this, he said that he had never felt bad about being penalised. Playing was all he could think about, and he was only interested in playing. Every week, Hafeez would get a beating or punishment from his teacher because he would not complete his homework or assignments.
Teacher scolding Hafeez for not being attentive in class

Ms Bela questioned Hafeez about how he felt or what thoughts came to his mind when he realised he had irritated his teacher by not completing his homework or not behaving properly in the class. She wanted to know how he felt when he realised his teacher was going to punish him.
Hafeez used to play while the teacher was taking class

Hafeez responded that it didn't matter whether he was prepared or not. The teachers would ask him to lift up his hand and they would cane him for not completing his homework. Alternatively, the teachers would sometimes scold him for not obeying them. Hafeez claimed that the canning had an effect on him, but quickly, he would forget about it because all he wanted to do was have fun and play. At last, he would go outside and play.
Teacher would cane Hafeez when he failed to complete the homework or assignments
Meanings of the difficult words:
Caning Beat with a stick as a punishment
Incurred Become subject to something unwelcome or unpleasant as a result of one's own behavior or actions
Wrath Extreme anger chiefly used for humorous or rhetorical effect
Homework Schoolwork that a student is required to do at home
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