Bela Raja: Coming to the present, how do you decide as to what kind of structure you want to give a client?

Hafeez Contractor: I look at the client’s face, his clothes, the way he talks and pronounces, the way he eats and I would know what his taste would be like. I can relate to people in a way that would be comfortable. I sketch very spontaneously on a paper on the spot. That paper, I give to my people in the office.

Bela Raja: You do it instinctively?
Hafeez Contractor: Call it instinct, call it arithmetic, whatever. Now it comes to me like mathematics. Putting design, construction, psychology and sociology together and making a sketch from all that is ‘mathematics’.

     Here we almost come to a full circle where Mr Contractor has derived his own interpretation of Mathematics — taking it from a subject he hated to a subject he now loves dealing with!
Ms Bela asked Hafeez about his dealing with clients. She wanted to know how he decides the type of structure for a particular client in the present day scenario. Hafeez stated that he would begin by analysing his client by looking at their face, noticing their dressing style, how they talk and pronounce, their taste, and their eating style. He said that he could relate to people in a way that was comfortable for both parties. Then, he was very instantaneous when it comes to sketching the structure. He does it on paper on the spot, which he would then give to the people in his office.
Hafeez would sketch very spontaneously on a paper on the spot

Ms Bela confirmed if Hafeez wanted to say that he worked based on his instincts. Hafeez Contractor explained that they could call it whatever they want, whether instinct or arithmetic. He felt that it come to him like mathematics now. All he did was put design, construction, psychology and sociology together and sketches everything that is ‘mathematics’.
The statement ‘almost come to a full circle’ means that he disliked maths to the extent that he used to get nightmares about it, but on the other end, he said that whatever the work he had done had been in the form of Mathematics. Earlier, it was a subject that he disliked so passionately, but now, he loved dealing with it. At the end, he had derived his meaning of the subject 'mathematics'.

The conversation makes us realise the importance of being active in extracurricular activities in school and how the time spent in school had built the foundation of Hafeez’s career.
Meanings of the difficult words:
InstinctiveOf behavior or actions not thought about, being planned, or learned earlier
Interpretation The action of explaining the meaning of something
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