Ms Bela Raja was a special educator and child guidance counsellor. She primarily worked with children who had "Specific Learning Disabilities". Specific learning disability is described as a 'disorder' in which the child faces difficulty in reading, writing, speaking, listening or understanding the concept.
Ms Bela started her career in Delhi under the guidance of Dr Sunita Sodhi of Educare India. Bela had completed an advanced special education course in an organisation called KPAMRC (Karnataka Parents Association for Mentally Retarded Children). It was in Bangalore.

Ms Bela Raja worked at "The Valley School" for the past eight years in Bangalore, where she established a Resource Center for students. In addition, she had spoken at several schools across the country regarding children with Specific Learning Disabilities. However, her main focus was teaching children how to think, as she believed this was the present demand. This would enable children to attain their greatest potential while also prepare them to live successfully in a world where knowledge was constantly changing.

The main focus of Bela's work was to deal with children who had learning difficulties. First, she would identify the root cause of their problems and then address them. Later, she provided remedial classes for the children. In particular, Bela had focused on the parents, teaching them how to meet their child's specific needs. This helped the parents to work effectively with their children at home. Bela also gave counselling to the children with special needs and their parents.
Ms Bela had written a book named "Children with Learning Difficulties – How to Help. A Guide for Parents and Teachers". It was published by Vakils, Feffer & Sons in 2006 and used as a textbook by several teachers- in different training institutes in India. Ms Bela's second book, "Sparks of Genius" (Rupa Publications), was released in 2019. This book highlighted how parents and educators could assist their children or wards in achieving their maximum potential.