Bela Raja: Why do you think you did not like studies? Was it because you felt you could not cope, could not deal with the curriculum?

Hafeez Contractor: I was very bad at languages. Science and geography I could deal with, maths was very bad. I just was not interested. I was studying for the sake of studying. What they taught me today, I would forget after two days. I would not bother because there was no application of mind there, to begin with.

Bela Raja: Did you think that what they taught in school was boring or did you feel that once you understood the concept of what was being taught, you lost interest in the rest of the lesson?

Hafeez Contractor: Living in a boarding school is difficult. We were just living from day to day. Nowadays, there are so many tests. Back then, whenever we had tests we used to just copy. The teacher thought that we had done our work.
Ms Bela asked Hafeez Contractor why he disliked the studies so much. She also questioned whether he could not cope or deal with the curriculum, which caused him to dislike studying in school.

Hafeez told her that he was bad at languages. He could accept Science and Geography because of the logic and facts, but he struggled with Mathematics. He admitted that he was merely not interested in the subject. He studied only for the sake of doing it and not because he was interested. He would often forget whatever was taught to him after two days. He said that he didn’t even try because there was no application of mind and logic to learn mathematics.

To better understand Hafeez's perspective, Ms Bela asked him if he finds what was being taught to him was boring. Or, he had lost interest in the class once he grasped the central idea of the topic.

Hafeez told Ms Bela that life in a boarding school was hard. So, they just lived one day at a time. He said that there were so many tests nowadays. Later, Hafeez compared the current exam status by stating that students are asked to write many class tests. Coming back to his story, he said in his time, whenever they had test, they would just copy others. But the teachers were unaware of the fact, and they would think that the students had done their works.
Copying in the exam hall
Meanings of the difficult words:
CopeOf a person deal effectively with something difficult
CurriculumThe subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college
Concept An idea, or theory about a particular subject
Boarding school A school where students live and study
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