The lesson “The Treasure Within” is based on the conversation between Ms Bela Raja and Mr Hafeez Contractor. Hafeez used to get terrible nightmares about appearing for a mathematics exam where he did not know anything. Later the nightmares seemed to have vanished over the past four to five years.

Then, Ms Bela asked him about his earliest memories of school. Hafeez Contractor revealed that he was a good student in first and second grades, but when he reached the third grade, he had lost interest in studies and played games, pranks and jokes. He also stated that he used to copy in his examinations.

Later, he explained to her that a conversation with his Principal transformed his life. One day when he was in the eleventh standard, his Principal approached him and advised him. The Principal advised him that his mother was working hard to pay his school fees, book fees and so on. He would have worked hard in return to prove himself as a good boy. But all he did was playing and making prank on others. He asked him to concentrate on his studies. He then stopped playing and started to study hard. Finally, he scored 50 per cent in his board exam and his Principal appreciated him.

Ms Bela asked Hafeez about how he felt about receiving caning from his teacher. Hafeez told her that he would get caning from his teachers every week, but it did not affect him much because his intention was only to go out and play.

When Ms Bela asked him how he ended up being an architect, Hafeez said that he saw someone drawing the wrong window detail one fine day. When he pointed out the drawing was wrong, his cousin's husband became astonished. The architect asked him to draw a plan of a house, which he quickly did it. Thus, the architect asked him to be specific and become an architect.

The architect went with Hafeez to meet the college Principal. The Principal said that he would admit him if he passed the entrance exam. Fortunately, Hafeez got an A+ in the exam, and from thereon, it was a smooth ride for him. Hafeez told her that he had developed his talents because he did things as per his wish.

Ms Bela asked Hafeez about his dealing with clients. She wanted to know how he decided the type of structure for a particular client in the present day scenario. Hafeez stated that he would begin by analysing his client by looking at their face, noticing their dressing style, how they talk and pronounce, their taste, and their eating style. He said that he could relate to people in a way that was comfortable for both parties. Then, he was very instantaneous when it came to sketching the structure. He does it on paper on the spot, which he would then give to the people in his office.

At last, Hafeez said that he disliked maths to the extent that he used to get nightmares about it, but on the other end, he said that he did his work from all that was mathematics. He had derived his meaning of the subject mathematics, and earlier, it was a subject that he disliked so passionately, but now, he loved dealing with it.