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Alliteration is the occurrence of the same sound at the starting of two or more words in a single line in a poem.
  1. The slender smiling girl.
  2. The song of sweet birds.
  3. Black bug bit a bear.
  4. Practise the piano.
  5. Feel the phone on your face.
  6. Dandelion whose fuzzy head.
What are the uses of alliteration?

1. It creates a rhythm, similar to rhyming words.
2. It emphasizes the importance of phrases.
3. Mostly used in tongue-twisters.
Alliteration used in the poem "A Legend Of The Northland":
  1. where they harness the swift reindeer
  2. to the sledges, when it snows
  3. in their funny, furry clothes
  4. they tell them a curious story
  5. and yet you may learn a lesson
  6. and yet you may learn a lesson
  7. if I tell the tale to you
  8. he came to the door of a cottage
  9. where a little woman was making cakes
  10. and baking them on the hearth
  11. and being faint with fasting
  12. for the day was almost done
  13. he asked her, from her store of cakes
  14. but as it baking lay
  15. and still a smaller one
  16. then she took a tiny scrap of dough
  17. for she said, my cakes that seem too small
  18. are yet too large to
  19. so she put them on the shelf
  20. then good saint peter grew angry
  21. for he was hungry
  22. and he said, you are far too selfish
  23. you shall build as the birds do
  24. all day in the hard, dry wood
  25. she had a scarlet cap on her head
  26. and that was left the same
  27. has seen her in the wood
  28. where she lives in the trees till this very day