The poem 'A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal' by William Wordsworth deals with the concept of death from two perspectives. It belongs to the 'Lucy Poems' of the poet where he addresses the poem to an unknown beloved. The poet uses language in such a way that the readers can understand the feelings depicted. He compares the numbness that he has after the death of his beloved to a slumber. When one is in a deep sleep, one does not care about the external happenings, nor does one experience any kind of emotion. Death gives people an excessive confidence as they have witnessed as horrible as that. They have the mentality that if they can take the pain or the fear of losing their loved one, then their heart is capable of taking whatever the world is offering. The poet also reflects on how trivial human life is. As humans we fight over trivial things, but our soul just lies ahead of all these, as it is not affected by anything that is earthly. The force of life is drained out of the body but only to become a part of the cosmos. The poet reflects on how indefinite the universe is and how the soul blends with Nature and becomes larger than life.