Dr. Gieve Patel has penned the poem "On Killing a Tree".
Dr. Gieve Patel was born in the year \(1940\) in Mumbai. He is an Indian poet, writer, painter and a general physician, by profession. His works reflect his love for the environment around us, his concerns on man's cruelty towards trees. He has subscribed himself to "Green Movement" which is a move started to protect the environment. He lives in Mumbai where he practices his doctor profession.
Some of his works include:
  • How Do You Withstand (poem)
  • Body (poem)
  • Mirrored Mirroring (poem)
  • Titled Princess (play)
  • Savaska (play)
  • Mr. Behram  (play)
Being a painter he has also had art shows and exhibited various forms of art. He conducts several poetry workshops in schools and edited poetry collection published in \(2006\). He is also a translator of Gujrati poems; he has been translating the works of Poet Akho from the \(17\)th century. He is a multi-faceted personality.
This poem "On Killing a Tree" has been taken from his poetry collection "Poems" published in \(1966\). Though the poem has been written in free verse (without any rhyme scheme or rhyming words), he has used many poetic devices like alliteration, repetition, metaphors, and enjambment to make the reading interesting.