Now in memory comes my mother,
As she used in years agone,
To regard the darling dreamers
Ere she left them till the dawn:
O! I feel her fond look on me
As I list to this refrain
Which is played upon the shingles
By the patter of the rain.
The poet talks about his experience on a rainy day, where he takes a break and a moment to enjoy the rain. He is inside his house, where he experiences a lot of emotions together. The warmth of the rain brings back all pleasant memories. Usually, rainy seasons are known for giving a cosy feeling and makes one think about one's actions. It enables one to sit back and take a moment to cherish all things compared to the busy life that one leads.
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It is important to take a break and cherish memories
The poet is now reminded of his mother, the way she was years ago. Unfortunately, she is no more, and the poet fondly remembers her. The rain brings not only happy memories but also bitter ones. Sometimes an object or action can bring us the memory of a long lost person. The rain thus brings back the memories of his mother. She was the source of all his dreams, as she allowed him to sleep for a long time. Mothers are generally expressive and shower unconditional love. The poet's mother also loves him that she wants her son to be well rested and to be carefree. One's childhood is usually carefree and happy as their parents take care of them. The poet can still feel the fond look of his mother when he listens to the patter of the rain on the shingles. The rain acts as the source to untangle all his emotions.
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Mother and son
Words with Difficult Meaning:
AgoneIn the past
EreShort for before
UnconditionalLoving without any existence
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