What a bliss to press the pillow
Of a cottage-chamber bed
And lie listening to the patter
Of the soft rain overhead!
The poet talks about a rainy day and the experiences one has when the dark clouds form in the sky to pour out the rain. Usually, when it rains outside, people complain about not being able to go out and engaging in their routine activities. People who have to work, crib about getting drenched in the rain and the discomfort of having to travel on public transport. The roads can become flooded, providing more inconvenience too. Children may not be able to go out and play. But the poet looks at it from a positive side. He expresses that it is such a blessing to take a moment's break when it is raining and not worry about the aftermath. He gives a beautiful visual description of a beautiful day, when it is raining, and when he stays indoors admiring nature's marvel. He says that sometimes it is beautiful to do nothing and just be.
Screenshot 2021-05-20 122336.png
Child not able to play outdoors due to rain
He describes the happiness that one can get when one presses his head over the pillow, watching the droplets of water from the window. He gives the setting of a cottage chamber bed and not that of a big bungalow or villa. A cottage is a very warm place during rain as it is not very large, and has a fire place and gives a cosy feeling. He seems to be a child when he describes the scene, as he is carefree and lies in his bedroom, listening to the sound of the rainfall on his rooftop. Rain can bring specific emotions to a person. For example, the sound of the rain can itself suffice as music, whereas the smell of the sand drenched in the rain can bring a warm feeling, making a person relaxed. A person who is a lover of these elements of rain and finds joy during rain is also named as pluviophile.
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Rain viewed from bedroom
Meaning of Difficult Words:
Bliss Pure happiness
PatterThe sound of rain falling
Cottage-ChamberBedroom in a small house
CosyRelaxed and warm
PluviophileA person who loves rain
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