"The Snake Trying " is a poem that focuses on the cruel reality of the world where humans dominate the other creatures. This kind of domination happens mostly due to an unnecessary fear instilled in one's mind triggered by a lack of awareness about the entities in one's own ecosystem. It also happens when they want to exert their superiority over others. Humans do not internalize that animals have their own space in the world and their intrusion disrupts the balance in nature. People with a materialistic mindset crush forests and wild areas to make it their habitat, hence destroying the homes of thousands of animals. These animals thus intrude into human living spaces only to get driven away or attacked. This happens due to some humans considering themselves as superiors with a feeling that they own everything.
The poem also focuses on how one has to learn to look at the beauty in all of Nature's entities. The poet adores the curves made by the author's slender body, rather than getting scared and following the attackers. He wishes the snake escapes or hides in the reeds. The snake had not attacked the people. It had stayed in its place all by itself. Here, it is the humans who had intruded into its space. Not only have they intruded, but they also feel a need to chase him away. The snake, a determined reptile that he is, does not give up, but tries to cling on to his life. The very fact that the snake just becomes a memory, similar to the ripples in water is a matter of concern in the poem. The poem talks about how one must maintain balance by letting other creatures co-exist in harmony and adore every entity's beauty.