GERRARD: ... Well, tell him to phone up directly. I must know … Yes, I expect I’ll still be here, but you mustn’t count on that ... In about ten minutes’ time. Right-ho. Goodbye.
(He puts down the phone and goes to the divan on the left, where there is a travelling bag, and starts packing. Whilst he is thus engaged, another man, similar in build to Gerrard enters from the right silently — revolver in hand. He is flashily dressed in an overcoat and a soft hat. He bumps accidentally against the table, and at the sound Gerrard turns quickly.)
The play "If I Were You" was written by Douglas James. Gerrard is the protagonist of the play "If I Were You". The play begins with Gerrard on the phone. He was asking for a phone call from someone. He informed the person that he might be available at his cottage for some time, but they should not rely on it and should contact him within ten minutes. After that, he bade his goodbyes and hung up the phone. Gerrard then moved closer to the divan and began packing his belongings into a suitcase.
Mr. Gerrard
While Gerrard was busy packing his belongings, a man who was similar to Gerrard in physique entered his room quietly from the right side, causing an unexpected surprise in the play. The arrival of such a new character (Gerrard-like man) would provide the audience or readers with a hint as to how the title was called 'If I Were You.'
The intruder.jpg
The intruder
With one hand, he held a pistol. He was flashily dressed in a bright suit, an overcoat, and a soft hat. He accidentally struck the table while attempting to enter Gerrard's residence in secret, alarming Gerrard. Gerrard then turned back to see where the noise had come from.
Meaning of difficult words:
DivanA bed consisting of a thick mattress
Count onTo depend on someone or something
RevolverA small gun
Flashily In a way that looks bright, cheap and showy
Bumps To hit something
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