GERRARD: Anything you like. I know all the answers. But before we begin I should like to change my position; you may be comfortable, but I am not.
INTRUDER: Sit down there, and no funny business. (Motions to a chair, and seats himself on the divan by the bag.) Now then, we’ll have a nice little talk about yourself!
GERRARD: At last a sympathetic audience! I’ll tell you the story of my life. How as a child I was stolen by the gypsies, and why at the age of thirty-two, I find myself in my lonely Essex cottage, how …
When the intruder said he would like to know about a few things, Gerrard did not object but agreed to tell him the answers for all his queries. However, before the intruder could ask him any question, Gerrard requested that he be seated comfortably. Gerrard's mature approach in dealing with such a horrible circumstance was evident in every action he made. He was then permitted to sit in a chair by the intruder, who advised him not to make any moves against him. The intruder then sat down on the Divan and told Gerrard that they would talk about him (Gerrard). Gerrard took this option as a chance to divert the intruder.
Gerrard skillfully began to tell the intruder a story by stating that he had finally found someone who was interested in him and wanted to learn more about his background. He also stated that he would tell him about his past, including how he was kidnapped as a youngster by a gang of nomads and why, at the age of \(32\), he was living alone in a little cottage in Essex. Gerrard made up a fictional story about himself to divert the intruder.
Meaning of difficult words:
SympatheticSomeone who is kind, caring, and concerned about others
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