INTRUDER: Careful, boss, I’m watching you.
GERRARD: I have got a man posted on the main road. He’ll ring up if he sees the police, but I don’t want to leave ... (telephone bell rings) Come on! They’re after us. Through here straight to the garage.
INTRUDER: How do I know that you are telling the truth?
GERRARD: Oh, don’t be a fool. Look for yourself. (Gerrard opens door and steps away. Intruder leans forward to inspect it, with his side towards Gerrard, but with the revolver ready. As he turns his head, Gerrard gives him a push into the cupboard, knocking the revolver out of his hand. He slams the door and locks it, picks up the revolver and goes to the phone, where he stands with the gun pointed at the cupboard door.)
Though the intruder agreed with Gerrard's idea, it did not mean he had complete trust in Gerrard. He warned Gerrard to be careful since he was watching his every step. The intruder was notified by Gerrard that one of his gang members had been positioned on the road to provide information to Gerrard about the cops. The phone rang, and Gerrard informed the intruder that it was time to depart. The call was actually made by the person Gerrard had requested to call earlier in the play during the introductory portion.
Gerrard then directed the intruder to leave through the door that led to the garage. But it was not actually a garage door, but a cupboard door.
Cupboard door.png
Cupboard door
The intruder's mind flickered with a sliver of doubt, and he began to question Gerrard's words. Gerrard then asked him to check inside on his own and the intruder accepted it. Gerrard's plan had worked out at that time. Gerrard opened the door and stepped away and asked the intruder to check it. The intruder kept his revolver pointing towards Gerrard and leaned forward to check the way. As he turned his head and peeped into the cupboard, Gerrard used that opportunity and pushed him into the cupboard. And, the gun on the intruder’s hand fell down. He closed and locked the cupboard door and then took the gun. He then moved over to the phone, aiming the gun towards the cupboard door, taking care not to let the intruder out.
Meaning of difficult words:
SlamTo shut something with a lot of force, making a loud noise
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