The lesson 'My Childhood Days' is taken from the autobiography of Dr. Abdul Kalam named 'Wings of Fire'. The lesson focuses on the childhood life of Kalam in his hometown Rameshwaram. The lesson beautifully focuses on the beauty of living a simple life and the joy of earning one's own money. Kalam is from a very humble background but is brought up with self-discipline and generosity. This shows that one's upbringing plays a vital role when it comes to behaviour. Children look at adults and learn from them. The same concept is applied to Kalam's idea of people having prejudices on human beings from different walks of life. Every human is allowed to follow any belief that they believe in. People can come from any caste, religion or community. But that does not mean that one is superior or inferior to the other. Everyone is born equal, and it is wrong to treat anyone differently. Kalam's friendship from childhood and his school experiences stand as a witness to this.