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A phrase is a group of words that are a part of a sentence. It works together to give a meaning, but cannot stand on its own as a complete sentence. It does not have a subject and/or a verb.
  1. Walking across the lane
  2. On his feet
  3. Three cute kittens
  4. Of Ramya
These group of words give meaning, but does not have subject and verb together and hence cannot make a complete sentence.
Subject - Person or thing that is being spoken of, or does the action in a sentence.
Verb - The action that is being performed.
Object - Receives the action.
Direct object - What the subject acts upon.
Indirect object - Who receives the action.
Ram gave him a car.
Ram - Subject
Gave - Verb
Him - Indirect object
Car - Direct object
1. Noun Phrase:
  • A noun is a name, place, thing or animal. A noun phrase is a noun and any word that modifies the noun in the sentence. The modifiers can even be articles, prepositions, adjectives and pronouns.
  • A noun phrase can be a subject, direct/indirect object, or the object of a preposition.
i. The blue house is mine. - the blue house is the noun phrase. Here the noun phrase is the subject.
2. Verb Phrase:
  • It has one verb and other words that modify the verb.
i. The teacher put the book in the bag.
Put the book in the bag is a verb phrase. It consists of the verb 'put' and its dependents but not the subject 'The Teacher'.
Meanings of phrases in the lesson "Packing":
Trod onTo walk on someone or something
Potter aboutDo some unimportant things
Be sworn atGet scolded from someone or for something
Scrape outTo remove something from inside a bottle or jar using a sharp tool or knife
Stumble over/ Tumble intoFall or step awkwardly while walking
A rowA quarrel or an argument
Messing aboutTo spend time doing things that are not useful or serious