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Jerome K Jerome, also known as Jerome Klapka Jerome, was born on \(2\)nd May \(1859\). He was a Victorian period British writer popularly known for writing comic novels. His parents were Marguerite Jones and Jerome Clappis.
Jerome's father died when he was thirteen years old, which made their financial situation considerably worse. Jerome studied at St. Marylebone Grammar School till he was fifteen years old. When his mother died, Jerome was forced to leave his education to support his family financially. Later he worked at the London and North Western Railways for four years. His work was to collect coals that fell along the railway tracks. He also had working experience in journalism and acting during his early teens.
Jerome published his first book, "On the Stage – and Off" (a comic memoir) in the year \(1885\). In this book, he shared his experiences of acting with a low budget troupe. In addition, he started writing comic essays in a magazine known as Home Chimes. Later he wrote the novel "Three Men in a Boat", and after the publication of the novel, Jerome became a successful comic writer.
Jerome K Jerome*
Some of his works are,
  • Three Men in a Boat (\(1889\))
  • Diary of a Pilgrimage (\(1891\))
  • Weeds: A Story in Seven Chapters (\(1892\))
  • Novel Notes (\(1893\))
Jerome K Jerome died on \(14\)th June \(1927\) in Northampton.