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8. Though Maria Sharapova speaks with a pronounced American accent, she proudly parades her Russian nationality. Clearing all doubts, she says, “I’m Russian. It’s true that the U.S. is a big part of my life. But I have Russian citizenship. My blood is totally Russian. I will play the Olympics for Russia if they want me.”
9. Like any number of teenaged sensations, Maria Sharapova lists fashion, singing and dancing as her hobbies. She loves reading the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle. Her fondness for sophisticated evening gowns appears at odds with her love of pancakes with chocolate spread and fizzy orange drinks.
10. Maria Sharapova cannot be pigeon-holed or categorised. Her talent, unwavering desire to succeed and readiness to sacrifice have lifted her to the top of the world. Few would grudge her the riches she is now reaping. This is what she has to say about her monetary gains from tennis: “Of course, money is a motivation. Tennis is a business and a sport, but the most important thing is to become number one in the world. That’s the dream that kept me going.”
Sharapova had moved to America when she was as young as \(7\). When she set out to the US, with her father, with only her dreams to keep her company, she did not know to speak English. But the determined person that she is, not only did she grasp the language, but she also learnt to speak it fluently with a proper American accent. But she goes by the belief that no matter where one is, one must not forget the roots. She does not shy away from owning to her Nationality. She proudly claims herself to be Russian and parades her Nationality in all forms of media. Many people raised doubts about her roots and where she hailed from, as she had settled in the US at a very young age, even before rising to great fame and success.
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Sharapova played for Russia*
Sharapova put an end to all speculations as she herself proudly stated that although she is settled in America, and the country had played a vital role in all her success, she still identifies herself as a Russian. She states that her blood is Russian, as one cannot change one's past or foundation. The Olympics is the best forum for any sporting personality to gain fame for their country. Sharapova also wanted to represent Russia as her home country in the Olympics, which she did in \(2012\), as she bagged a silver medal.
People have a misconception that women in sports are particularly tough and are not into fashion or entertainment. But women can choose whoever they want to be and like whatever they want to. Their profession does not determine their likes or interests. Similarly, Sharapova is very much into fashion, singing, dancing apart from sports. She also reads books as she claims Arthur Conan Doyle, who is famous for his Sherlock Holmes books, as her favourite author. She loves to wear gowns and eat chocolate pancakes with orange fizzy drinks, clearly showing that she is pretty much like any other normal person, irrespective of her celebrity status. When asked about the money aspect in the game, She was practical enough to say that money did work as a motivation, but what matters in the end was the fact that one is the best in the game. The dream of becoming the number one player is what motivated her to follow her dreams.
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Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle**
Meaning of difficult words:
AccentA distinctive way of pronouncing languages
CitizenshipThe position or status of being a citizen of a country
SensationsA widespread reaction
SophisticatedInvolving a great deal of worldly experience
Pigeon-holedAssign to a particular category, as an overtly restrictive person
UnwaveringSteady and resolute
GrudgeA revengeful feeling based on a past experience
MonetaryRelating to money
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