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The lesson "Reach for the Top", Talks in detail about the success stories of two women from different walks of life. Part one talks about Santosh Yadav, a mountaineer, who is the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest twice. Her story inspires all young girls to chase their dreams. Hailing from a village with conservative ideas, which did not believe in education for girls, Santosh was rebellious enough to get herself educated. She went to college and stayed away from her house, which was a brave thing to do on those days. She found her passion later on in life but developed her skills and went on to become the best. This shows that one can discover their passion at any point in life, but they just need enough determination to pursue it. If one has the right kind of skills, then no one can stop them from becoming a pro. This is very similar in the case of Maria Sharapova, a Russian tennis player. Her life teaches that no matter what other people say or treat you like, the answer should be one's own success. She struggled from a very young age with no attention from parents and harsh treatment from other pupils. But she clearly focussed on the vision and proved herself.