"A Bond of Love", by Kenneth Anderson deals with the author's own experience with a pet bear. He talks about the fact that even wild animals tend to have feelings and emotions. He gives a real-life example for this in the text. He also states that even the wildest of the bears can be tamed if they are conditioned in a proper way from a young age. The lesson talks about the close bond shared between the author's wife and the pet bear.
Kenneth Anderson, portrays the bear in the story as a tamed animal, breaking the common belief that bears are ferocious animals. Generally, animals are grouped into Wild and domestic. Wild animals are certain species of animals that adjust themselves to living in the forest and fend for themselves. On the contrary, pet animals adapt themselves to the human environment and act as companions to them. Although most wild animals are considered to be ferocious, there are many animals that do not altogether fall under this classification. Animals like deer, monkeys, giraffes can be classified as wild animals, because they roam freely in the forests, and find their own food. They cannot be kept at home or controlled with a leash. Animals that can be controlled like that and kept at home are called pet animals. Some common pet animals are dogs, cats, love birds. In this story, a bear which is a wild animal is tamed and kept as a pet by a woman. Usually, all wild animals are believed to behave in the same way. But the bear in this lesson has individual characteristics for himself.
1The narrator (Kenneth Anderson)Takes the bear from a field and makes him a pet
2The narrator's wifeLoves the bear as her own son, takes care of him, rescues him from the zoo
3The sloth BearIs tamed, eats everything, has a good memory, loves everyone
4The zoo curatorIs sad seeing the separation of the bear and the woman
5Superintendent of the zooHelps the narrator's wife in getting back the bear from the zoo