The lesson "A Bond of Love" by Kenneth Anderson, is based on a real-life incident, where the author shares his own experience of having a pet bear. He initially comes across the bear cub when its mother was shot in a field which was already attacked by wild pigs. The author gifts the cub to his wife, who takes care of him and names him 'Bruno'. He is later named 'Baba', a more Hindustani name, also meaning small boy. Initially, he is young and is not a threat to anyone. He eats everything that he can lay his hands on. He even has a narrow escape after eating poisonous Barium Chloride and drinking engine oil.
As he grows up, he is given to the zoo in Mysore, because he was a threat to the neighbours. But the author's wife gets depressed and is not satisfied with letters from the zoo. She visits the zoo and finds that the bear is also in a worried state and has not forgotten her. She requests the superintendent to give him back, to which he agrees.
They make a small island in the author's home, with his old toys. The author's wife visits him and spends quality time with him. The author says that the bear has a good memory of people who showered love on him, thus proving that even wild animals can be tamed and are capable of love.