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The story "The Little Girl" by Katherine Mansfield revolves around the life of a little girl named Kezia. It portrays the father-child relationship during the early 20th century. Kezia is always scared of her father as he appears to be bossy and orders everyone about. She stutters only when she talks to him because of her fear. Her father blames her for the stutter. Kezia tries to make the relationship amicable by trying to talk to him. But he seems to be either busy or resting after a long day. Kezia's  grandmother gives her the idea that she should make a surprise gift for her father's birthday. She suggests to make a pin-cushion. In order to fill it up, Kezia unknowingly tears up her father's important papers from work. She gets hit by her father, who does not listen to her explanation. She grows even more scared of him. Later, when she sees her neighbour MacDonald playing with his children, she gets even sadder that she does not have a dad like that. When her mom gets sick, she is alone at home and gets nightmares. Her father tucks her in his bed and protects her with his warmth. It is then that she realises that her father is not a bad person and he has a big heart. He had only toughened up because he had to work hard for the family. Kezia finally realises that her father is kind indeed.