Paragraph writing can be divided into four types, according to writing purpose, for ease of understanding.
Descriptive type of paragraphs: As the name suggests, it describes some theory and tries to depict a picture of the text. It strives to create an image of the thing/person described in the text. It appeals to the primary senses, namely touch, sight, smell, sound and taste. It gives dynamics to the text.
Narrative type of paragraphs: This type of text attempts to express a sequential course of action and there is a clear differentiation between introduction, main part and the conclusion. It resembles a story or a short essay.
Expository type of paragraphs: These type of texts aim at providing instruction for a process or a step-by-step method. It requires research, knowledge of the subject and less creativity.
Persuasive type of paragraphs: This type of paragraph aims at convincing the reader, the writer's point of view. It is used to build an argument or to persuade the reader to follow the writer's ideas. It mostly contains facts and data based on research.