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     We had to borrow money from my grandparents because there were no credit cards, cash or even any identification to be able to withdraw money from the bank. Everything had gone up in smoke.
     That week the rubble that used to be our house was being cleared off the lot. Even though we had rented an apartment nearby, I would go over to watch them clear away debris, hoping that my cat was somewhere to be found. She was gone. I kept thinking about her as that vulnerable little kitten. In the early morning when I would disturb her and get out of bed, she would tag along after me, climb up my robe and crawl into my pocket to fall asleep. I was missing her terribly.
The narrator detailed his family's helplessness, describing how they had to rebuild their lives after losing everything in fire. They were unable to support themselves since they lacked the necessary resources. They didn't have credit cards, cash, or any other kind of identity to withdraw cash from the bank. Everything was consumed by the fire.
Workers began removing the burned remnants of the house after few days. The narrator's family had rented an apartment close by, but the narrator would sometimes go back to his old house to see the workers. He wished he could locate his pet cat. Despite the fact that his cat had been missing for a month, he kept thinking about it. He always wished his pet cat would come back to him.
Often the narrator was reminded of the sweet days he spent with the cat as whenever the narrator disturbed the cat, it would wake up, follow him, climb up his robe, and fall asleep in his pocket. The narrator yearned for his pet cat.
Despite a financial problem, a difficulty adjusting to a new school environment, and his house being burned down, the narrator constantly yearned for his cat to return. This represents his loving and caring personality.
Meaning of difficult words:
Broken bits and pieces of something
DebrisPieces from rubbish, especially from an accident
Vulnerable Weak and without protection
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