The king was now thrown into deep thought. He didn’t want to lose the kingdom to someone else in the next round of life. He needed time. So he ordered the execution postponed to the next day and talked in secret with his minister. “It’s not right for us to give over the kingdom to others in the next life. Let’s go on the stake ourselves and we’ll be reborn as king and minister again. Holy men do not tell lies,” he said, and the minister agreed.

     So he told the executioners, “We’ll send the criminals tonight. When the first man comes to you, put him to death first. Then do the same to the second man. Those are my orders. Don’t make any mistake.”

     That night, the king and his minister went secretly to the prison, released the guru and the disciple, disguised themselves as the two, and as arranged beforehand with loyal servants, were taken to the stake and promptly executed.
The king was thrown into deep thought after listening to the guru words. The king didn't want his empire to be taken away from him in the next life. As a result, he took some time to think of an alternative way. He told the servants that the execution would be postponed to the next day.
The king was thrown into a deep thought
The king thought of speaking with his minister about the secret matter. He remarked that he disliked having someone else rule over his realm. He went on to add that the guru was a holy man and that he would not lie. As a result, whatever he said may be true. Finally, the king and the minister decided to die at the stake and be reborn as king and minister again.
The king told his executioners that the criminals would be sent at night. They should first execute the individual who arrived first and then the second person. They must be cautious and avoid making any mistakes. At night, the king and his minister went to the prison where the guru and his disciple were kept.
At night, the king went to the prison
The king and the minister disguised themselves in the appearance of guru and his disciple so that they would resemble them. The servants came and carried them along, putting them on stake for execution, as it was being ordered to the servants earlier. As a result of his brilliance, the guru was able to execute the ignorant king and his minister.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Postpone Cause or arrange for something to take place at a time later than that first scheduled
Secret Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others
Disguise Having changed one's appearance in order to conceal one's identity
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