She thought for a minute and said, “My Lord, wait. I know now why I was walking up and down that street. I had given some gold to the goldsmith to make some jewellery for me. He was a lazy scoundrel. He made so many excuses, said he would give it now and he would give it then and so on all day. He made me walk up and down to his house a dozen times. That was when this bricklayer saw me. It’s not my fault, My Lord, it’s the damned goldsmith’s fault.”
     “Poor thing, she’s absolutely right,” thought the king, weighing the evidence. “We’ve got the real culprit at last. Get the goldsmith, wherever he is hiding. At once!”
Later the dancing girl thought for a minute. She blamed another person. She said that she was roaming around in the street repeatedly because she had to visit the goldsmith’s shop. She had given some gold to him to make jewellery out of it. The dancing girl stated that the goldsmith was a lazy scoundrel. He made lots of excuses for not being able to complete her ornaments on time. He kept asking her to come back after a while. She had to visit his residence at least a dozen times as a result of this. The bricklayer saw her several times while she was going to see whether her jewellery was ready. As a result, the dancing girl claimed it was not her fault.
A lazy, dishonest goldsmith

The dancing girl went on to say that when the bricklayer noticed her, he became distracted. It was not her fault, and it was the goldsmith’s fault because she kept wandering down the path because of him. The goldsmith had made a mistake, and he had to take responsibility for that. Later the king said that the poor dancing girl was right. After listening to the statement of everyone, the king thought for a while and finally judged who was the culprit.
At last, the king decided that the actual culprit was the goldsmith. So he ordered his messengers to bring the goldsmith. He also stated that the goldsmith might be hiding somewhere. He ordered his messengers to get him immediately.
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The king ordered his messengers to bring the goldsmith
Meanings of the difficult words:
Goldsmith A person who makes gold articles
Jewellery Decorative objects worn on your clothes or body that are usually made from valuable metals, such as gold and silver, and precious stones
ExcuseA reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense
ScoundrelA person, especially a man, who treats other people very badly and has no moral principles
EvidenceOne or more reasons for believing that something is true or untrue
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