“What have I done wrong? I’m innocent. I’m a sanyasi!” he cried.

     “That may be true. But it’s the royal decree that we should find a man fat enough to fit the stake,” they said, and carried him to the place of execution. He remembered his wise guru’s words: “This is a city of fools. You don’t know what they will do next.” While he was waiting for death, he prayed to his guru in his heart, asking him to hear his cry wherever he was. The guru saw everything in a vision; he had magic powers, he could see far, and he could see the future as he could see the present and the past. He arrived at once to save his disciple, who had got himself into such a scrape through love of food.
When the servants found the fattened disciple, they arrested him. The disciple was taken aback and had no idea what was going on around him. The disciple stated that he was an innocent sanyasi and he had not done anything wrong. Then he inquired of the servants as to where he was being taken.

According to the king's attendants, whatever the disciple claimed could be true. He may be innocent, but they were told to capture a fat guy who could be executed on the stake. Also, he was fit for it, and that's why they were taking him along. When the servants took him to the place of execution, the disciple was reminded of his guru words. Guruji, a wise man, had warned him that the city was full of fools who may hurt him at any time. While the guru asked him to come along with him, the disciple never paid attention to him. Finally, the disciple realised his mistake and believed he should have listened to his guru's advice. While the disciple was waiting for death, he prayed to his guru in his mind.
The disciple prayed his guru to save him from execution

Due to the magical abilities, the guru was able to hear his disciple's prayer. The guru could see everything in the vision, including the future, present, and past. Because of the fondness for eating, the disciple found himself in a dangerous and challenging situation. Even though he had not done anything wrong, the king and his minister prepared to put him to death. As a result, the guru arrived to save his disciple from his terrible situation.
The guru could see all the things in his vision
Meanings of the difficult words:
Decree An official order issued by a legal authority
Remember To be able to bring back a piece of information into your mind, or to keep a piece of information in your memory
VisionThe ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom
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