Ruskin Bond's story "The Adventures of Toto" depicts the challenges of keeping a monkey as a pet in a humorous manner. In this story, the narrator's grandfather bought a monkey intending to raise it as a pet. He got it from a tonga-driver for five rupees.

Toto was initially put in the narrator's bedroom by his grandfather, but when they returned to the room after some time, they found it a complete mess. Toto had spoiled the room. Despite this, the narrator's grandfather did not scold or criticise Toto; instead, he admired Toto's effort.
Toto's grandfather placed Toto in a large cage along with his other pets, but it didn't work because Toto had not let the animals sleep through the night. Grandfather took Toto with him on his trip to Saharanpur the next day. It was due to two reasons.
The narrator's grandfather didn't want his wife to know about Toto's presence at home because she dislikes him collecting pets. Another reason was that it would disturb the animals if he puts it again onto the big cage. So, he took Toto along with him during his travel. Despite this, the ticket collector found Toto because of Toto's mischievous behaviour and charged three rupees for the ticket. Grandfather's efforts in carrying Toto secretly during his travel failed, so he was upset about it.
Toto's mischievous activities did not stop with these. It bit the ears of Nano, the narrator's family donkey when kept along with it in a stable. Once, it got into a boiling kettle, thinking to have a bath and managed to escape from it only after grandmother's help. Whenever one of the narrator's aunts approach Toto, it tore her dresses. It spoiled their lunch one day by consuming a large dish of pullao and breaking the dish once it finished the food.
Finally, the narrator's family realised they couldn't keep Toto at home since it kept spoiling things. They couldn't afford to restore them because they didn't come from a wealthy family, and so they decided to resell Toto. Finally, the narrator's grandfather sold Toto to the same tonga-driver for three rupees.