The Prince asked the swallow to stay with him for one night and be his messenger. “The boy is so thirsty, and the mother so sad,” he said.

“I don’t think I like boys,” answered the swallow. “I want to go to Egypt.”

But the Happy Prince looked so sad that the little swallow was sorry. “It is very cold here,” he said. But he agreed to stay with him for one night and be his messenger.

“Thank you, little Swallow,” said the Prince. The swallow picked out the great ruby from the Prince’s sword, and flew away with it in his beak over the roofs of the town.

He passed by the cathedral tower, where the white marble angels were sculptured. He passed by the palace and heard the sound of dancing. A beautiful girl came out on the balcony with her lover.
“I hope my dress will be ready in time for the State ball,” she said. “I have ordered flowers to be embroidered on it, but the seamstresses are so lazy.”
The statue asked the swallow to stay with him for one night. He urged him to act as his messenger and help him. The statue made the statement because the poor mother was sad, and her son felt very thirsty. She had no money to feed her son. So the statue asked the swallow to give the ruby to the poor woman.
On the other hand, the swallow did not want to help the poor woman. He had two reasons for not helping them. One was that he did not like boys, and the other was he had to go to Egypt. The bird hated the boys because one day, two boys had thrown stones at him while he was sitting near a river.
After hearing the swallow's statement, the statue became worried. When the swallow saw the dull face of the statue, he felt sorry. Later, the swallow said that the place was very cold, but he agreed to stay with him for one night and complete the task given by the Happy Prince. Then he thanked the swallow for its gentleness. Finally, the swallow took the ruby from the Happy Prince's sword, carried it in his beak and flew away over the roofs of the town.
Then the swallow flew over the cathedral tower. Cathedral is a church, and white marble angels were sculpted on the church's tower. After crossing the church, he arrived at the palace. While he was flying over the palace, the swallow heard the sound of people dancing in the palace. Later, he saw a beautiful girl who had come with her lover to the palace balcony. The girl said to his lover that she hoped that the gown she had handed to the seamstress would be ready on time for wearing it in the State ball. Also, she said that she had ordered the seamstress to embroider the dress with flowers. After conveying everything to her lover, she added that seamstresses are so lazy.
From the above statement, one can understand the differentiation between the rich and poor. Even though the seamstresses were working hard, the girl said that those people were lazy. The girl failed to notice the goodness in the poor people and made a rough statement about the poor people.
Meanings of the difficult words:
MessengerA person who carries a message to another person
Roof The structure forming the upper covering of a building or vehicle
Balcony An area with a wall or bars around it that are joined to the outside wall of a building on an upper level
Embroider Of cloth decorated with patterns sewn on with thread
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