It was the season of spring. The people of the village came out of their houses, in colourful clothing and walked towards the fair. A child, along with his parents, was going to the fair and was very thrilled and happy. He was absorbed to the kiosk of toys and sweets. Though his father got angry but his mother calmed him and averted his attention towards other things. The child moved forward, but repeatedly he fell behind as his eyes were caught by one or other now and then.
As they moved forward, the child wanted the various things on the stalls. His mouth watered, seeing sweets enriched with gold and silver leaves. He wanted his favourite burfi but knowing that his parents would refuse on the ground that he was insatiable, he walked ahead. Then he saw beautiful garlands of Gulmohur but didn’t ask for it, then he saw balloons, but he knew very well that his parents would deny since he was too old to play with balloons, so he walked away.

Then he saw a snake charmer and a roundabout swing. As he stopped to ask his parents for consent to enjoy the swing, to his shock, there was no reply. Neither his father nor his mother was there. Now the child realized that he was lost. He ran here and there but could not find them. The place was overcrowded. He got petrified, but suddenly a kind-hearted man took him up in his arms and comforted the sorely crying child. He asked if he would like to have a joyride, but the child shed tears, saying I want my father, I want my mother.” The man provided him sweets, balloons, and garland, but the child kept sobbing “I want my father, I want my mother.”