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     He hurried towards his parents, his feet obedient to their call, his eyes still lingering on the receding toys. As he came to where they had stopped to wait for him, he could not suppress the desire of his heart, even though he well knew the old, cold stare of refusal in their eyes.
     “I want that toy,” he pleaded.
     His father looked at him red-eyed, in his familiar tyrant’s way. His mother, melted by the free spirit of the day was tender and, giving him her finger to hold, said, “Look, child, what is before you!”
The child walks back towards his parents on being called, but his eyes keep on looking at the toys that he wanted. As he reached them, he couldn't control his desire to buy a toy. He was amicable to the response that they would give. He knew that they would stare him suggesting negation to buy him the toy.
The child was unable to manage his wish any longer. He said that he wanted to buy the toy.
The father’s eyes enlarged red with anger. He looked at the child just like an inhuman ruler who was trying to crush him. The mother became emotional due to the merry mood. Kindly, she gave her finger to the child to hold and asked him to see what was in front of him.
Meanings of difficult words
LingeringLasting for a long time.
RecedingLeft behind as he walked ahead.
SuppressPut an end to.
ColdWithout any feelings, emotions.
TyrantA cruel and oppressive ruler.
MeltedBecame tender and loving.
National Council of Educational Research and Training (2006). Moments. The lost child - Mulk Raj Anand (pp. 01-06). Published at the Publication Division by the Secretary, National Council of Educational Research and Training, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.