எங்கள் ஆசிரியர்களுடன் 1-ஆன்-1 ஆலோசனை நேரத்தைப் பெறுங்கள். டாப்பர் ஆவதற்கு நாங்கள் பயிற்சி அளிப்போம்

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The Lost Child is the story of a small child who gets lost in a fair or an exhibition. He had gone with his parents to the fair but loses them when he gets fascinated by looking at a roundabout swing. The story highlights the bond of love and affection that the child shares with his parents. Before losing them he had been demanding different things like sweets, balloons, flowers, swings, etc. Once he loses them, he is picked up by a stranger. The stranger tries to silence the child by offering him all these things that he had demanded from his parents but the child does not want them anymore. He wants his parents first.
By Mulk Raj Anand.