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     On the fifth day, a military helicopter flew over the shelter and dropped some food parcels. It then did not return. The youth task force gathered empty utensils from the shelter. Then they deputed the children to lie in the sand left by the waters around the shelter with these utensils on their stomachs, to communicate to the passing helicopters that they were hungry. The message got through, and after that the helicopter made regular rounds of the shelter, airdropping food and other basic needs.
     Prashant found that a large number of children had been orphaned. He brought them together and put up a polythene sheet shelter for them. Women were mobilised to look after them, while the men secured food and materials for the shelter
Prashant's volunteer group worked tirelessly to provide food for the cyclone survivors, but it was insufficient because there were 2500 of them. Prashant's team found it difficult to provide them with food on a regular basis. On the fifth day, a military helicopter flew over the Red Cross shelter and dropped some food parcels, which was a relief for those people. Although the mission provided help to cyclone survivors at the time, it was also a failure because the military helicopter did not return. As a result, the crowd's youth began collecting empty utensils and they made the children lie in the sand with the utensils on their stomachs to signal passing helicopters that they needed food. The helicopters, as expected, received the message and returned with food and other basic needs for the crowd at the shelter.
Help from Military helicopters.png
Help from Military helicopters
Prashant's focus then shifted to orphan children. He gathered all the kids and set up a polythene tent for them. The ladies at the shelter were tasked with caring for the children, while the men arranged food for everyone.
Meaning of difficult words:
DeputeTo ask someone to act or speak
MobiliseTo organise or prepare a group of people for something
SecureLikely to continue and not fail
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