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     It is six months after the devastation of the super cyclone. This time Prashant’s wounded spirit has healed simply because he had no time to bother about his own pain. His handsome, youthful face is what the widows and orphaned children of his village seek out most in their darkest hour of grief.
Prashant continued to offer assistance to people who had been affected by the super cyclone. He was able to overcome his grief after six months because he was so engaged with helping others that he forgot about his own anguish. All the widows and orphans looked up to him in their grief, so he learned to grin and break free from his sadness. Prashant is recognised as a rescuer of the bereaved by widows and orphaned children since his unselfish aid has saved many people's lives.
The narrative teaches us not to rely on others for help but to take charge of our own problems and sorrows in demanding situations. Furthermore, the selfless assistance we provide to others will make us feel good and help us overcome our difficulties. Despite the fact that the government and non-governmental organisations aided the storm survivors, Prashant's help was extremely significant and memorable.
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