It is good to know about the types of rhyming words, although it is not tested in academics. The below classification is purely for knowledge purposes only.
Rhyming words are words that sound similar and are used widely in poetry. There are two ways of classification of rhyming words.
  • General classification
  • Position classification
Let us learn about general classification in this unit.
Rhyming Words_orange.png
The general rhyme is classified further into ten types, namely:
last syllable of each word sounds the same but
may or may not contain stressed vowels.
bottle - gobble
tricky - milky
Imperfectrhyme between a stressed and unstressed syllable
wing - caring
addict - depict
Weakrhyme between two sets of unstressed syllables.
dimmer - carpenter
happier - bluer
Semi rhymerhyme with an extra syllable on one word.
send - ending
mind - binding
Forcedrearranging of words to force a rhyme.Whenever we go out and walk,
with you I like to talk.
Assonancerhyme between words having the same vowel sound
kill - hill
mat - cat
rhyme between words having the same consonant sound
rubber - scrabble
ship - sheep
Half (or slant)rhyme between matching final consonants
berry - cherry
bluer - clever
Para rhyme between all consonants
hill - hell
live - love
rhyme between initial consonants
ship - shark
male - mango